New Liberal Prayer Book

Siddur Lev Chadash

[IMAGE] The Union of Liberal and Progressive Synagogues introduced a new prayerbook at Shavuot, 5755: Siddur Lev Chadash - The New Heart Prayerbook. Its title is taken from Ezekiel 36:26
"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you".
It is the first by any major religious body in the UK in this century to use gender-inclusive language with masculine names for God, such as Lord and King, being replaced by words such as Eternal One and Sovereign. In addition, for the first time the Matriarchs are mentioned in conjunction with the Patriarchs. The new prayerbook is also the first to include extracts from the Dead Sea Scrolls as well as works of contemporary writers, poets, and Biblical commentators.

Edited jointly by Rabbi John Rayner, Life President of the ULPS and Minister Emeritus of The Liberal Jewish Synagogue, St John's Wood, and Rabbi Chaim Stern, Author of American Reform prayerbooks with the involvement of congregational members, it is intended to respond to the challenges, needs and issues of our society, both today and as we move towards the new millennium. It includes, for example, special readings on such themes as "Growing Old", "Conservation", and "Individuality".

Copies of Siddur Lev Chadash (GBP 20.00 + postage) can be obtained from any UK Liberal / Progressive Synagogue or from the ULPS.

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